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Medical Office

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Medical Office

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i have known u 4 d past 35yrs but has been 2 mths since i began 2 c ur amazing wks. truly it is fantastic im really impress keep it up
-Ann Matthew from Grenada

I've seen your work through the years and I have to say that you have a God given talent to beautify people's home and lives. Your work is truly amazing, second to none. My family, friends and guest are in love with my new kitchen. Thank You Robert S. Excellent Job!!!
-Kendra Gibbs from Upstate NY

So my family and I purchased a house built by Danny Roberts. Before we closed he assured us that the front door bell (which did not work) would be fixed and a plat map would be given to us. At the time of close, the door bell still did not work and no map had been given. About 4 months go by and there was still no play map and the front door bell still did not work. The only reason to this day our front door bell works is because we now have Vivint. As time has gone by, we have come to realize that he did not use the correct hardware on the cabinets (numerous knobs simply fall off when attempting to open the doors), none of the cabinet knobs were tightened down, the flooring was half heartedly installed (there are multiple gaps where you can see foundation around the door frames), and to top it off he cut corners and left a cap brick off behind the trim outside so we now have bats in our attic (our neighbors who also purchased from Roberts have had similar issues and then some). The was no pride taken in the construction of this house on his part, and it shows after spending time in the house.
-Rick Poole from 269 Trudy Lane

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Robert S. Interiors

We are a licensed and insured high end interior construction company. We provide construction service that is unbeatable and affordable. With our honesty and hard work, we plan to restore trust in contractors one client at a time. Our work will add substantial value to your home, condo, co op. or building. We service both residential and commercial areas.

Our office is located at 445 Beach 68 St., Arverne, New York 11692.

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